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AquaLocate improves seismoelectric technology for ground water location

February 19, 2014  By Administrator

 Feb. 19, 2014, WA – AquaLocate’s GF6 seismoelectric ground water
location technology will find water over 6,400 feet deep before drilling


“The new design is sensitive to deeper signals with an
improved user interface allowing for easier ground water data collection and
interpretation” said Ervin Kraemer, founder of AquaLocate, in a prepared
statement. “Additionally, it’s more compact resulting in lower development costs.”

Kraemer has manufactured the original seismoelectric units
since 2001 for the developer of the technology, Dr. Richard Clarke of
Marlborough, England. Kraemer has recently updated Dr. Clarke’s original
software and hardware design. The GF6 seismoelectric technology is used to
locate ground water for well development by detecting aquifer depth and yield
before drilling starts.


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