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Arctic Marine Atlas published

September 21, 2018  By Ground Water Canada

Toronto – A new, free resource, Canada’s Arctic Marine Atlas, provides an overview of how humans and wildlife are faring in this changing environment.

The atlas is jointly published by the World Wildlife Fund Canada, Oceans North and Ducks Unlimited Canada. It draws on publicly-available, up-to-date scientific data, translated into easy-to-understand maps, World Wildlife Fund Canada said in a news release.

Starting with a focus on Inuit and their reliance on the ocean for hunting and travel, the atlas discusses industrial development and conservation management efforts in Canada’s North. Subsequent chapters survey species ranging from cold-water corals to bowhead whales and describe the region’s physical oceanography and biosphere, from the bottom of the food chain up through fish, birds and marine mammals.


Included are seven chapters with a total of 67 images, 77 maps, 33 scientific illustrations and three food-web graphics. The publishing partners hope the atlas will support conservation efforts to protect the Arctic ecosystem.

The resource has been distributed to northern schools, Inuit and other northern organizations, decision makers and non-profit organizations. It is published as a book and is available as a PDF in English, French and Inuktitut.

Download Canada’s Arctic Marine Atlas.

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