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CAF-FCA study outlines barriers to apprentice mobility

January 29, 2016  By Ground Water Canada

Ottawa – Canadian apprentices and employers are experiencing significant barriers related to mobility, suggests a new study from the Canadian Apprenticeship Forum.

Study results confirm geographic location, sector, firm size, employment status and apprentice level impact the intensity of the challenges experienced.

Interviewees said barriers to mobility included a lack of awareness about the relocation process, uncertainty among employers about how to recruit apprentices from other jurisdictions, remote locations that make recruitment difficult, limited apprentice understanding of job opportunities across the country, different requirements, costs and the inability to track apprentices across jurisdictions.


Employers (51.1 per cent) experience barriers when hiring or attempting to hire apprentices from outside their jurisdiction. Employers in mining and construction experienced more barriers than other sectors. Larger firms experienced more barriers than smaller firms.

Seventy-five per cent of apprentices reported barriers when moving. Those moving without a job or on a temporary basis experienced more barriers than those who were employed and moving permanently.

First-, second- and third-year apprentices experienced more barriers than fourth-year apprentices.

Employers and apprentices said the biggest barriers to apprentice mobility related to getting qualifications, technical training, work hours and health and safety certificates recognized.

For apprentices, relocation costs and being away from family and friends were additional challenges.

These insights about apprentice relocation provide apprenticeship stakeholders with a better understanding of the challenges faced across the country and where potential supports are required.

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