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Cannabis waste digesters developed to prevent ground water contamination

December 8, 2017  By Ground Water Canada

Dec. 8, 2017, Vancouver – Micron Waste Technologies has developed a technology to treat the organic waste from medical cannabis cultivation on site and in an environmentally friendly and cost-efficient manner.

Micron will develop an organic waste bioprocessing system to handle medical cannabis organic waste materials, including leaves, twigs and stalk. The company is testing a new type of nanocrystal that would be used in its proprietary four-cycle filtration process.

The nanocrystals are expected to further break down medical cannabis organic waste so that it can be turned into grey water and then later into clean water, Micron said in a news release.


The medical cannabis organic waste digester will handle the following waste from cultivation sites:

  • Waste from solid plant material, whether a usable plant trim or flower or unusable plant material, such as stalks, roots, or soil;
  • Any plant waste or extract that is not being used, because it does not meet quality assurance or has been contaminated in some way that would make it unusable in a safe and medical capacity; and
  • Liquids or water that could contaminate ground water due to pesticide use.

Whether professional growers are producing dried buds or collecting resin for extraction, the steps of harvesting and processing creates byproducts and waste that must be disposed of according to all applicable regulations, including those from Health Canada, the release said.

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