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Canwell 2010: exhibitor showcase

December 15, 2010  By Ground Water Canada magazine

These are just a few samples of the great products and equipment that will be showcased during CanWell 2010.

These are just a few samples of the great products and equipment that will be showcased during CanWell 2010.

Amcana is drilled to bits


Amcana Drilling Bits Inc. is a manu-facturer of drilling bits used for exploration, water wells, geothermal, and the construction industry in general. Founded in 2002, the company’s most recent achievements include the creation of the “gator back” bit, which is used by drillers in North America, Korea and Saudi Arabia. Amcana also manufactures other drill bits, such as the “step” bit, the “chevron” bit, the seismic geothermal “ripper” bit and the seismic “gator back” bit. Other designs are currently under development for different applications.


Exhibitor booth: 47

Baker offers distribution and expertise


Baker Manufacturing Ltd. was established in Canada in 1924 when the parent company, Baker Manufacturing Co. of Evansville, Wis., purchased the Manitoba Engine Company of Brandon, Man. In 1945 they relocated to Winnipeg, where they celebrated their 85th anniversary in 2009. At Baker, they believe that the wise management of water resources can be achieved by a genuine commitment to ecological integrity. Baker offers a quality, specialized and experienced distribution network with a strong background in ground water and a vested interest in the environment. Their staff takes pride in offering their customers professional expertise, innovative products and reliable service.
Exhibitor booth: 63

Dynoteck launches Data Manager line


According to Dynotek, the company has the fluid data acquisition and management equipment to suit your needs. The Dynotek Slimline submersible pressure transducer is 0.69 inches in diameter and is available in accuracies of either 0.10 or 0.25 per cent of full scale and designed for accuracy and reliability in a rugged environment. The company’s standard poly signal cable is equipped with a strength member and water block tape to ensure long life and survivability. For more hostile or deeper environments, they offer a stainless steel cable that will survive multiple insertions and retrievals without damage, and can be used reliably in well depths up to 10,000 feet. The company’s recently released Data Manager line includes the following models: the Data Manager 500 is a well head display unit with a hi/lo control output, the Data Manager 700 adds a 16-step data logger with log and linear logging features for setting up automatic well tests and accepts various inputs including 4-20 mA and pulse, the Data Manager 700F adds a potentiometer and staff float gauge for recording and calculating open channel surface diversion flow totals. The Data Manager 2000 is the four input hydrologist field unit for running well tests and other critical data collection operations. The logging units all have MODBUS communications protocol.
Exhibitor booth: 38

Equinox adds a third process


Equinox Industries will have on display at their booth samples of the company’s 24 and 30-inch light and heavy-duty fibreglass well casings. Equinox Industries began manufacturing in 1972 and is located in Winnipeg Manitoba. Initially a fibreglass manufacturer, they now have three distinct manufacturing processes. The company’s 60,000-square-foot facility, on five acres of land, houses  Equinox’s Fiberglass Fabrication,  Rotational Molding and, more recently,  Vacuum Forming, divisions.
Exhibitor booth: 70

GP Fiberglass has lightweight, durable casing

GP fiberglass  

GP Fiberglass manufactures its own 25-foot x 30-inch NSF ANSI 61 potable water approved corrugated water well casing. They also supply customers throughout North America with safe and reliable water holding systems. The casing is used in shallow, low-producing applications and weighs only 400 pounds per 25-foot length.
Exhibitor booth: 56


Higgins Rig for new, used or manufactured


Whether your drilling needs are for water, oil, gas, mining or environmental, Higgins Rig Co. says it can provide you with the best deal in the drilling industry. The company sells all makes, all models, all sizes, for all budgets. It offers a large listing of drills for sale, new and used parts. Its 8,600-square-foot shop makes it capable of providing the industry with many needed services. With experience as backup, The Higgins Rig team says you can count on them for your drilling needs.
Exhibitor booth: 76

International Pipe for geothermal loops


According to International Pipe, its pre-manufactured loop is made in its facility by heat fusing two coils at one end with the one-piece “U-Bend,” allowing for a leak-free tight joint that provides continuous flow through. This eliminates fusing in the field. The pre-manufactured loop is ready to install at the jobsite. The narrow design allows for a narrower borehole, which requires less grout and annular space for more efficient drilling. As part of the company’s quality assurance program (ISO-9001-2008), all factory-made loops are capped, pressurized and tested by its trained experts before leaving the facility. International Pipe is a fully certified HDPE fusion welding training facility.
Exhibitor booth: 40

Northwest Aqua for water treatment

Northwest Aqua is a proud Canadian company specializing in the manufacture and distribution of high-quality water treatment products. Northwest Aqua says its goal is to provide you and your family with water that is safe, healthy and pure. With that in mind, it has created their Fontis line of water treatment products. Fontis was designed by company experts to provide consumers with reliable water treatment products. Northwest Aqua stands behind its products with friendly sales staff, unbeatable service and unlimited technical support. Whether your water is for drinking, cleaning or playing, the company’s goal is to provide you with the best quality water possible.
Exhibitor booth: 62

Talik has hammers, bits and pipe

Talik pipe  

According to Talik Industrial Services, the company has earned a reputation for supplying only the highest quality products to the drilling and mining industries worldwide. Its product line includes Baroid IDP drilling mud products and lubricants, down-the-hole hammers and bits and drill pipe. Their drill pipe is crafted from the finest oilfield Grade E steel, cold drawn over Mandrel, and all tool joints are inertia
Exhibitor booth: 36

Well Pumps of Belgium

well pumps  

Well Pumps of Belgium introduces the next generation of three-inch constant pressure pumps made of one-millimetre-thick 304 stainless steel, with water lubricated upper bearing and an intermediate bearing on each stage. The pumps are resistant to wear, have a fully serviceable pump end and feature a self-cleaning wafer-style check valve and are available in five to 25-gallon-per-minute flows. Its agent for Canada is Slyfox Holdings Inc.
Exhibitor booth: 2

Western Drilling can make to order

western drill  

Western Drilling Tools is a machine shop and supply company for the drilling industries. The shop supplies to the oil and gas, mining construction, exploration water well, geothermal and environmental industries. Among the products and services Western Drilling offers are conventional drill pipe and reusable casing, and tool joints of all sizes. The company has reverse circulation drill pipe for exploration, crossover and saver subs with any thread connections, plus wire line core barrels and bits. It also offers continuous solid and hollow stem auger systems, plus down-the-hole hammers and tri-cone rock bits.
Exhibitor booth: 41

Longevity flows at Woodford


Woodford Manufacturing produces a complete line of yard hydrants made in Colorado Springs, Colo. All of the company’s hydrants are designed to be repaired in line, and parts are readily available, even for the first one made 81 years ago. Woodford produces not only standard yard hydrants but also sanitary yard hydrants, heated hydrants for RV parks, utility hydrants and non-standard hydrants such as one-inch connections. Some models are even backflow protected with dual check protection on the outlet nozzle.
Exhibitor booth: 78

Wilo pumps it submersibles


Wilo currently offers four, six and eight-inch stainless steel submersibles. All Wilo submersibles feature 100 per cent stainless steel construction. All components are made with one-millimetre-thick stainless steel, which makes the pumps ideal for abrasive applications. Each Wilo submersible can be installed either vertically or horizontally with fluid temperatures ranging between 3  and 30 C. Powered with Franklin Electric motors, Wilo’s stainless steel submersibles can accommodate any municipal, industrial, commercial and residential need. Wilo also offers a larger N & NK borehole submersible series, as well as a bottom intake pump line ideal for dewatering applications.  Now that’s what they call Pumpen Intelligenz.
Exhibitor booth: 2

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