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Conductivity sensor tackles biofilms, barnacles, algal growth

October 21, 2015  By Ground Water Canada

The new EXO Wiped Conductivity & Temperature sensor from YSI targets the issue of biofilms, barnacles, and algal growth causing poor data quality, clogging up conductivity cells and coating sensors.

The sensor, which is distributed by Hoskin Scientific, is designed with and engineered for compatibility with EXO2’s anti-fouling Central Wiper.

The sensor is designed to prevent common types of fouling from impacting data, including, particulates, algae, barnacles, and trapped gasses; improve the reliability of conductivity sensor; and improve the representativeness of conductivity data by avoiding stagnant readings and reducing the impact of micro-environments.


The sensor aims to reduce the need for post-processing data and and time spent manually adjusting for fouling-related sensor drift.

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