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Drill Rig Review

April 6, 2011  By Groundwater Camada

We’re doing something special for the Spring issue of Ground Water
Canada. To make drilling equipment more accessible to our readers, we’re
showcasing a few items that will give readers an idea of what’s
available in technology and capacity to suit a user’s needs.

We’re doing something special for the Spring issue of Ground Water Canada. To make drilling equipment more accessible to our readers, we’re showcasing a few items that will give readers an idea of what’s available in technology and capacity to suit a user’s needs. All information has been supplied by the manufacturers and assembled by Ground Water Canada into one easy-to-read reference guide. Additionally, some companies have provided customer reviews to give you a better idea of what you’ll be working with. Contact the manufacturer or local dealer for more information. – Compiled by Stefanie Wallace.

Foremost dual rotary (DR) drills


The Foremost DR has earned an enviable reputation for exceptional drilling performance in tough overburden and a variety of open-hole applications. The DR is known for being a versatile, powerful and truly unique machine.
The DR-40 handles casing up to 40 inches in diameter. This drill excels in large-diameter water well applications, or construction applications such as the CHUM Research Centre project in Montreal. Forage Metropolitain recently completed a contract to drill pilings for the structure. The DR-40 offers precise drilling accuracy and the ability to advance casing without percussion, which was essential for Forage Metropolitain as their pilings were being drilled within 12 inches of an underground subway tunnel.
Visit or call us at 1-800-661-9190.

Geoprobe 8040DT


The high-capacity 8040DT establishes a new class of innovative, versatile and compact subsurface machines for the environmental, geotechnical and mining/mineral exploration industries. The five-function Combo Head gives this rig its unique versatility. The 8040DT easily drives large-diameter casing for direct push sampling, and has plenty of power for conventional monitoring well installation. Quickly change modes for wet rotary, air rotary, rock/concrete coring, and high-capacity augering for geotechnical work. Or, use it for a variety of mining or mineral exploration applications, including placer exploration, work in both wet and dry tailings, soil investigations, monitoring and remediation, and ground water monitoring.
Visit or contact Sven Dean at 1-877-877-1862.

What the customer says . . .
“The 8040DT is a powerhouse in a very compact package. The features on the CB8 Combo Head provide us with drilling options that impress drillers who have been in the industry for over 30 years. One of our suppliers said, ‘This is the best coring rig I’ve ever seen.’ We can direct push for continuous samples, for monitoring well installation, or for geotechnical testing. We can drill with solid or hollow stem augers. We can core from the surface to any reasonable depth through nearly any material. The 8040DT allows us to regularly advance 45 to 60 feet of 4.5-inch casing per borehole. We install two-inch prepacked well screens and perform standard penetration testing directly through the cutting shoe – all while the borehole remains cased. Installation of prepacked well screens inside the tooling, with no sloughing, allows us to be confident that our installations will exceed specified performance expectations with accurate and reliable results.”
– Gerald Ernst, manager of operations, ERNCO, Alberta, Canada.

Versa-Drill V-2000NG


Laibe Corporation is the manufacturer of the Versa-Drill brand and leads the industry with a complete line of innovative state-of-the-art, world-class drilling rigs. The drilling rig shown in the picture is the Versa-Drill V-2000NG. Standard features include 80,000 pounds of pullback, three-speed top head, patented automated rod-handling system (3 1/2 or 4 1/2), custom six-by-six chassis (all-wheel drive), powered by a CAT C-18 (630 horsepower). Optional features include; six-by-eight chassis, up to 1250/350 air and several mud pump options. Laibe Corporation is also the distributor of MudPuppy, Geo-Loop, equipment parts and drilling tools.
Visit , e-mail or call 1-800-942-3388.

Simco 2800 HS (HT)


The Simco 2800 HS (HT) is a compact, ruggedly built, easy to use and maintain all-hydraulic top head drill rig. Equipped with a high-output mud pump, this rig is ideal for geothermal and water well drilling. It can also be set up for geotechnical/ environmental drilling. This rig is built with the power and performance of bigger rigs, but in a compact package. With Simco, you are not just buying a drill rig, you are getting unmatched service and support that you won’t find anywhere else. Simco rigs are backed by the best warranty in the industry.
Visit or call 1-855-222-8577.

What the customer says . . .
“We bought our first Simco 2800 rig because of our attention to detail business plan. We didn’t want to damage the homeowner’s property any more than we absolutely had to. The first rig brought us customers that had only ever experienced geothermal installations that lasted for weeks and destroyed an area far greater than needed. We now have five Simco 2800 rigs operating all over southern Ontario, one that is outfitted with a hammer. Simco rigs are well thought out, with simple features that are easy to maintain. When needed, Simco’s parts department works hard to ship parts overnight; most of the components needed are easily available. We will continue to operate Simco rigs in our company for years to come to address the residential and smaller commercial markets.”
– Chris Wallace, Geothermal Solutions, Ontario, Canada

Simco 7000


The Simco 7000 drill rig is ideal for water wells and a wide range of geothermal installations. This tandem axle truck mounted rig has a field proven, PTO-driven, all-hydraulic system that provides a clean, uncluttered package that is easy to use and simple to service. An optional all-wheel drive system is available on request. Choose the carousel capacity, the mud pump size and the air package that best matches your work requirements. Backed by an industry best warranty, the Simco 7000 is ready to go to work every day.
Visit or call 1-855-222-8577.

Sonic SDC-350


Using award-winning, patented technology developed by the Sonic Drill Corporation (SDC), sonic drilling offers the world’s most advanced drill method and, now, with mounted tracks, you can take it anywhere. Discover how a sonic rig can drill three to five times faster (depending on soil conditions) while coring easily through overburden material to 300 feet and beyond. It’s the ideal choice for geothermal, environmental and mineral applications. Explore the SDC-350 crawler rig, with its powerful drill head but smaller, manoeuvrable size (able to fit inside a 20-foot shipping container), which is great for tight urban projects where space is limited. Visit , or , or call 1-877-854-1383.

What the customers say . . .
“We have been putting our rig to the test, in all sorts of geology and a variety of challenging sites. So far, we’ve drilled in narrow lane ways in downtown Toronto, small urban lots and wide-open spaces in the rural areas. The drilling performance exceeds our expectations.  We’ve drilled through 500 gpm aquifers, dense till with two-foot-diameter granite boulders and limestone/shale (at four feet per minute).
– Brian Beatty, GeoEnergy Solutions Inc., Ontario, Canada.

“I watched a Sonic drill 200 feet in 27 minutes on a site in Burnaby. The only thing slowing the drill down was having to add the drill rods. As a geothermal contractor, I will continue to work with a Sonic drill on every job that I can. In my opinion, Sonic drilling is unmatched.”
– Chris Patterson, Paradigm Ground Loop Services Ltd., British Columbia, Canada.

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