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Manitoba MLA wants answers for order to decommission community well

Well is important source for agriculture and firefighting purposes

Water monitoring program in northern B.C. has collaboration with First Nations

Program to help land, water management decision making

Ontario town's mayor wants all existing lead pipes eliminated for safer drinking water

Plan for pipe elimination to be developed

Geothermal energy test site in Alberta could position province as a leader in the field

Province putting $750,000 into feasibility study

Ontario Health Ministry vows not to discontinue free water well testing program

Ontario government has fielded ample negative feedback

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The Peristaltic Solution for efficient water sampling and purging

We proudly present our latest innovation: the peristaltic pump PRO. Building on the success of the Advanced model, the PRO offers only the essential features for a lower price and simple usage. Both Royal Eijkelkamp peristaltic pumps are battery-powered field pumps that can pump up water as well as air. Due to their continuous low-flow pumping method, the pumps are perfectly suitable for sampling and purging monitoring wells. To prevent cross contamination, simply exchange the tubes of the pump. » Learn more…

Job safety: Being smart on drill sites will save lives and add to the bottom line

Drill site injury costs can significantly set a company back » Read More...

Undergrad using quantum computing and artificial intelligence to purify drinking water

Company she founded aims to be world's leading water purifier » Read More...
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Canpipe is Growing

Canpipe is happy to announce that we are expanding our footprint to open a wholesale store at our Orillia manufacturing location. We look forward to welcome current and new customers at the shop which is now open from 7am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. Stay tuned for our Open House to be scheduled in June. » Learn more…