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Southern Alberta land conservation aims to protect drinking water for nearby towns

A conservation easement that restricts land usage of several square kilometres of rangeland in southern Alberta will help protect drinking water earmarked for municipalities in the province.

Manitoba Green Party leadership hopeful prioritizes protection of province's drinking water

Standing up to the threat against the province’s drinking water from a proposed silica sand extraction project in Vivian is a primary reason Janine Gibson is seeking the leadership of the Green Party of Manitoba.

Ramara Township mayor refutes allegations of contaminated soil being dumped into river

A soil bio-remediation facility in Ramara Township is being carefully watched for possible threats to the area’s drinking water supply.

Study suggests fluoride in drinking water may increase hypothyroidism risk in pregnant women

Research has found boys whose mothers had been diagnosed with hypothyroidism show lower IQ scores than those whose mothers had normal thyroid levels.

Nova Scotia could expand its geothermal potential by tapping into abandoned mines, according to study

A former coal mine that closed in 1958, which reaches depths of more than four kilometres, has tapped the naturally heated water underground to heat several fixtures in the community. But only a fraction of its geothermal potential is being utilized.


New DRILLMAX® DM650 Drills Deeper Wells Using Air or Mud

DRILLMAX® DM650 incorporates straightforward controls and durable components for simple operation and maintenance. Engineered to handle 24-inch wells up to 1,500 feet, outfit the DM650 to your specific geography and projects.
  • Maximize production with either rod carousel (3.5 or 4.5-inch) or single rod loader (3.5-inch).
  • Simplify setting wells using the breakout table positioned outside the drill mast which hydraulically retracts to provide a 24-inch opening, utilizes an air fork for fast and safe tripping out, and quickly switches bushing sizes.
  • Tailor for air or mud drilling, choosing up to a 1000/350 air compressor or a 6X8 piston pump and 4X3 centrifugal pump. Either pump can run independently or supercharge the duplex with the 4X3 running in front.
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Pollutant-filtering technology powered by sunlight purifies water fourfold from 2021

Heavy metals, oils, microplastics, and some bacteria are among the pollutants that can be filtered from water through a sponge-like gel, providing an alternative for water purification. » Read More...

Research initiative studying a better way for safe drinking water delivery to homes

With floods and natural disasters threatening to contaminate water supplies, putting human health at risk, engineers at the University of British Columbia Okanagan are seeking better ways to manage safe drinking water delivery to homes. » Read More...