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Flomatic’s Model 48 Drain-Back Plug reduces pump and pipe pulling weight

March 9, 2021  By Ground Water Canada

Photo: Flomatic Corporation

Flomatic Corporation’s new Drain-Back Plug, Model 48, for submersible pump water well installations makes the pulling of pipe and pump easier and safer by substantially reducing the pulling weight.

The reusable Model 48 is designed to drain the riser pipe, and it is activated when a weight is dropped into the well drop pipe. The plunger is stroked by the weight and opens the valve, which returns to its closed position when the drop weight is removed.

The Model 48 is NSF 372 certified and designed in all stainless steel construction with Buna-N resilient seating. The Model 48 can be easily replaced in the field, helps eliminate water splashing at the surface, and helps prevent potential cross-contamination of the water well.


The spring-loaded valve threads into a one-inch pipe tee.

By using Flomatic’s Drain Back valve, the pulling of pipe and pump becomes much easier and safer by reducing the pulling weight by 20-50 per cent.

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