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Ford’s proposed Holland Marsh highway will contaminate groundwater: Green Party

November 3, 2021  By Green Party of Ontario

Toronto – Significant groundwater contamination will result if Ontario Premier Doug Ford proceeds with his plan to build a new provincial highway through the Holland Marsh, the leader of Ontario’s Green Party says.

Mike Schreiner said the proposed highway will pave over 17 hectares of the Holland Marsh in the Lake Simcoe and Greenbelt area, resulting in not only groundwater contamination, but the destruction of 39 hectares of wildlife habitat and 10 hectares of significant wetlands.

“I’m calling on Doug Ford to get his priorities straight and cancel the Holland Marsh Highway to protect Lake Simcoe, the Greenbelt, and the climate,” he said.


The $1.5-billion project “doesn’t make any sense.”

Schreiner said a 2014 Ministry of Transportation report clearly stated there are much less environmentally destructive alternatives that can meet the region’s transportation needs.

“Doug Ford needs to cancel the Holland Marsh Highway to protect Lake Simcoe and the Greenbelt,” he said.

According to Ecojustice, the highway will pump almost 87 million kilograms of greenhouse gas emissions into the air each year.

Schreiner said more highways isn’t the answer, suggesting investing in transit and protecting nature is the route to take.

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