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Great Lakes awareness event planned for July 3

March 28, 2017  By Ground Water Canada

Canada and United States – An event called All Hands On Deck! is being organized to bring awareness to the Great Lakes and the need for funding regulations and research.

This display is intended as a show of unity crossing party, provincial, state, and national lines in an effort to show that the Great Lakes are not a political issue, event co-ordinator Kimberly Simon said in a news release. “The Great Lakes are our tourism, our economies, our lifestyle and our identity. We need to communicate this in a big way!”

On July 3 at 10 a.m. EST participants at shorelines in every community around the lakes on land and beachwill link hands on the beach and boats on the water along the shorelines of the Great Lakes in every state and Canada. Representatives and press from the local communities are invited to witness and document our solidarity about our water.


A discussion group has been formed with 900+ leaders expressing interest in participating in 21 participating communities.

Simon urges stewards of water and concerned members of the public to help promote the event, participate in it, or direct organizers to leaders who are willing to help get an event started in your community!

“Water unifies us all! It is something everyone can get behind!” she said.

To learn more or get involved, contact Simon at 586-255-3312 or, or visit the group’s Facebook page.


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