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Greens leader says Ontario’s other parties deny climate crisis and the need to protect water

Shreiner vows to stop highway project if elected

May 31, 2022  By Ground Water Canada

Barrie, Ont. – Ontario’s political parties either deny the climate crisis or are offering half-measures to address the matter, the leader of the Green Party said during a campaign stop here prior to Thursday’s provincial election.

Mike Schreiner said Lake Simcoe is in a vulnerable position with Premier Doug Ford’s plans to build the Holland Marsh Highway which could intensify phosphorus runoff and pollute the watershed’s groundwater.

“Lake Simcoe is so vital to the health and economy of this region,” Schreiner said.


He added that in addition to polluting Lake Simcoe, the Holland Marsh Highway will also pump 87 million kilograms of climate pollution into the air each year, slice right through the Greenbelt, and pave over 42 acres of the fertile Holland Marsh.

Schreiner promised that if the Green Party is elected, it will cancel all plans for the Holland Marsh Highway, cut phosphorus entering Lake Simcoe to 44 tonnes by 2026, support the creation of a phosphorus recycling facility, and permanently protect the Lake Simcoe watershed under a newly created Bluebelt of protected waterways.

“We must say no to paving over our precious lakes, farmlands, wetlands and forests,” he said. “We have to protect the people and places we love.”

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