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Ground Water Awareness Week a time to be grateful – and vocal!

February 17, 2021
By Ground Water Canada


2020 was a year to be grateful for what we have. Ground Water Awareness Week is a time to be grateful for this precious resource and all those who bring it to us. Ground Water Canada’s dedicated website will highlight special articles, information to share with customers and more from March 7-13, 2021.

Let’s raise awareness of ground water, the professionals who bring it to the public and the work that’s required to do that! Tell us “What ground water professionals do” – we want to hear from drillers, pump installers, well technicians, administrative team members, scientists, engineers and manufacturer reps in the field.

Send your stories and comments to or share photos and videos on social media that illustrate your part in providing clean drinking water to Canadians.


How to get involved:

• Check out our Ground Water Awareness Week page and for special articles you can share with your customers.
• Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram: tag us, like us and BE PROUD talking about what you do!