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Groundwater sampling made easy with submersible pump

November 22, 2021  By Ground Water Canada

Solinst Canada Ltd. has introduced a new addition to its groundwater samplers product line – the Model 415 12V submersible pump provides an efficient means of purging and obtaining groundwater samples from two-inch OD monitoring wells.

The 12V submersible pump and 12V pump controller are lightweight, portable, and easy to set up, deploy and operate. The pump’s sleek, short design (nominal six inches) ensures it fits easily down wells that may not be straight.
The 12V submersible pump cable connects to the 12V pump controller, which then clips to a 12V power source, such as a 60 amp AGM battery or higher, or a car, truck or marine battery. Simply turn the dial on the 12V pump controller to increase the voltage to the controller, which turns the pump’s motor faster and increases the flow rate.
The Solinst 12V submersible pump is capable of pumping groundwater from 36.5 metres (120 feet) below ground surface, with flow rates up to 13.5 L/min. (3.6 US gpm) in shallow conditions. The continuous flow rate is very easy to adjust using the 12V pump controller’s single dial.
Save time and reduce sampling costs by connecting a new Model 800M Mini Packer to the 12V submersible pump’s intake. This will isolate your sampling zone and minimize purge volumes.
The Solinst 12V submersible pump is ideal when sampling using three volume purge protocols or performing constant head tests in high K (hydraulic conductivity environments). For use in environments with high suspended solids, an optional in-line disposable filter threads onto the pump’s intake.
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