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Guelph’s outward expansion could trigger groundwater contamination: hydrogeologist

Plans are to expand to Clair-Maltby

May 13, 2022  By Ground Water Canada

Guelph, Ont. – Plans for the city’s expansion into the Clair-Maltby area are being opposed by the Township of Puslinch which suggests there is no commitment to protect water quality for residents in the targeted expansion area. A report from a hydrogeological firm representing Puslinch states: “Both sodium and chloride, both elements in salt, have concentration limits in regard to aesthetic quality of drinking water. The city relies on clean groundwater as do all the residents in the Township. However, the terrain of the Clair-Maltby secondary plan area, the proposed density, and the lack of overflow stormwater outlets to streams will result in the contamination of groundwater.” Guelph Today report | READ MORE

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