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Help us celebrate your Top 10 Under 40

January 3, 2018  By Colleen Cross

Ever catch yourself shaking your head in frustration with a young person and saying, “Kids today…”

There may be a bit of a generation gap between values, but thankfully it does not apply to all young people and certainly not to the young people I’ve had the pleasure to meet while covering the ground water industry.

No question, ground water is an older industry. Many readers report there are not as many wells going in, the number of water well businesses is down and some provincial associations report membership is shrinking.


Ground water has been more in the public eye lately because of legislation like B.C.’s recent Water Sustainability Act and controversial water-taking issues that make the news. But let’s face it: this industry is not top of mind for young people choosing a career. It takes a special kind of person to do this work.

Pretty well every well drilling company I’ve talked to says finding and keeping good people is a challenge.

I find it encouraging, then, that the industry has so many shining stars. I’ve met many outstanding young people – drillers, pump installers, hydrogeologists, water well technicians and administrative staff – who have impressed me as dedicated to their businesses and their role as protectors of ground water. They show up eager to work, they pay attention, they are itching to take on more responsibility and they are confident they can make a difference for the company and for the environment.

They come to conventions, trade shows and educational sessions. They step up to their provincial boards.

Does this sound like one of your employees, co-workers or fellow professionals?

In this competitive job market, it’s more important than ever to recognize, reward and celebrate your staff. Young people appreciate knowing what’s expected of them and whether or not they’ve met or exceeded those expectations. They will be motivated by your acknowledgment of their strong work ethic, leadership by example and efforts to grow the quality of our industry. Even if they don’t love the limelight, they will feel valued and energized by this tangible pat on the back.

Being known as a company that rewards employee achievement can go a long way toward helping you draw and retain talented workers.

Here at Ground Water Canada we are looking to celebrate Canada’s next generation of ground water professionals by shining a light on their talents, strengths and accomplishments in our first Top 10 Under 40 feature!

We need your help to do this! We are relying on our readers to tell us about the dynamic, hard-working employees who represent the next generation of the ground water industry.

Nominations can come from anyone involved in the industry. We will consider any candidates involved in the industry, including business owners, management, employees, well drillers, pump installers, geothermal contractors, water well technicians, administrative staff and the scientific community.

To be eligible, nominees must be aged 40 or under at the end of 2018 and someone who exhibits outstanding leadership, skill and dedication to the industry.

Make a New Year’s resolution to nominate a young person you think deserves kudos (they can be a family member).

Visit our Top 10 Under 40 web page to nominate someone online, call me at 519-428-3471, ext. 261, or drop me an email at

Nominations close on June 1, 2018, so get your picks in early. This year’s winners will be featured in our Fall 2018 issue.

As I await the deluge of entries, I wish you and your families and businesses a happy and prosperous 2018 on behalf of the Ground Water Canada.

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