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Hoskin Scientific’s improved ES-Flow series including 3-A twice as accurate as predecessor

November 16, 2020  By Ground Water Canada

Hoskin Scientific introduces an ES-Flow series that is twice as accurate as its predecessor and capable of being a full hygienic flow controller.

The new ES-103I with tri-clamp flanges is authorized by 3-A Sanitary Standards and can be supplied with a GEMÜ 650 control valve. In addition, it has various other improvements such as a higher rangeability, a new PC board and ethernet-based fieldbuses.

Bronkhorst developed and manufactured the ES-Flow ES-1x3I Mk II (second generation) Volume Flow Meter and Controller, which has the following features:

  • authorized by 3-A Sanitary Standards (ES-103I)
  • improved accuracy ≤0.8% Rd ± ≤ 0.4 ml/min ZS
  • improved rangeability (lower full scale and minimum flow)
  • range extension (higher and lower flow rates) will follow
  • new MBC3 PC-board and display features to offer more functionality
  • ethernet-based fieldbuses available, e.g., PROFINET and EtherNet/IP
  • customizable display orientation (by factory)
  • hygienic flow controller, 3-A authorized ES-Flow ES-103I and GEMÜ valve

The ES-FLOW series can now be ordered and will eventually replace the first generation.

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