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Introducing the OGA

News and views from the Ontario Geothermal Association

April 5, 2011  By Earl Morwood

The Ontario Geothermal Association (OGA) was formed in 2009 to create an
environment where the various components of the geothermal industry
could flourish.

The Ontario Geothermal Association (OGA) was formed in 2009 to create an environment where the various components of the geothermal industry could flourish. In the area of renewable energy, wind and solar are a long way ahead in the fight for profile – both in the public arena and in the area of government. We have a long way to go, and there is much to do.

The association needs:

  • a profile
  • funding
  • industry partnerships

Geothermal energy needs to be part of the everyday conversation, like natural gas and other renewable energy sources. There are far too many public and consumer misconceptions about geothermal energy in Ontario.

What is happening at the Ontario Geothermal Association?

  • We will stick to Ontario issues (an Ontario lobby).
  • We are in the initial stages of becoming a full-service industry association in Ontario. The Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation has selected geothermal as the heating and cooling source of choice. The Ontario government chooses geothermal in their buildings. This is a good start.
  • The OGA, while formed in June 2009, hired its first executive director, Earl Morwood, in late 2010. Morwood came from the Ontario Ground Water Association, where he took its association from 61 members in 2000 to 380 paid-up members, and another 500 associate and technician members in 2011.
  • We have been on a breakneck pace, lobbying several ministries, municipalities, utilities and others to broaden the profile of geothermal energy in Ontario. We submitted presentations to the legislative pre-budget committee and to the Long-Term Energy Plan.
  • We have a new website, so people and governments looking for information on geothermal energy will come to us first.
  • We are in the news on a regular basis in weekly and daily papers across Ontario.
  • Geothermal energy has, in the past, taken a back seat to wind, solar and bio digesters – but no more. We mean to make geothermal energy the energy of choice when we talk renewable energy.
  • And much more…

What do we need?

  • We need all people involved in the geothermal industry to be members of the association.
  • The geothermal industry needs a larger public and government profile.
  • We need the support of the manufacturers and of the distributors.
  • Our industry needs audit and inspection. We want quality work.
  • We want to work with the Ontario Ground Water Association and others to make geothermal drilling as safe and efficient as possible.

Board of directors

Brian Beatty, P. Eng., president (founding member): Brian is a principal of GeoEnergy Solutions Inc., which specializes in drilling, installation and design of geothermal systems.

Gabriela Grigoriu, M. Arch, treasurer and secretary (founding member):
Gabriela is the principal of Next Project, a custom homes design/built company since 1988.

Roger Taliotis, P. Eng.: Roger is president of Taliotis Engineering Solutions Limited, designers of energy-efficient mechanical building systems.

Ronald Schertzer: Ron comes to the OGA board with 30 years of national and international business experience from the electrical, packaging and, most recently, geothermal industries.

Paul Haskins, MBA: Paul is the executive vice-president of Fielding Chemical Technologies, suppliers of sustainable chemical solutions and recycling services.

Henry Hanlon: Henry is the president and owner/operator of Hanlon Well Drilling and Plumbing in Guelph, Ont.

Fred Michel, Ph.D., P. Geo.: Fred is an associate professor in the department of earth sciences and is currently the director of the Institute of Environmental Science in the faculty of science at Carleton University in Ottawa.

Adam Smith: Adam is the geothermal sales and marketing manager at Reliance Yanch Geothermal, one of the largest geothermal contractors in Ontario.

Douglas Dewar: Douglas Dewar is the founder and vice-president of Main Air Systems Inc., a unionized commercial, industrial HVAC and geothermal company, with over 20 years of experience.

Ron Wright: Ron Wright joined Enertech Manufacturing, LLC, in December 2009 as Canadian sales representative, serving all of Canada.

Suzanne Wiltshire, MBA: Suzanne Wiltshire has 30 years of experience as a business developer and senior financial executive, with 10 years dedicated to development and operations in the renewable energy sector including commercial, institutional and multi-residential building energy efficiency, system design, engineering and construction, sustainability, carbon offset analysis and valuation, LEED certification, technical and financial analysis.

Earl Morwood, HBA – Executive Director:
Earl brings extensive experience to the OGA in organizing a professional association from the ground up.

If you have any questions about our association, or are interested in becoming involved, please do not hesitate to contact me by phone at 519-847-5715, or by e-mail, at Visit us online at .

Earl Morwood is the executive director of the Ontario Geothermal Association.

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