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Iqaluit’s water crisis leads to increased demand for assistance at local food centre

About 250 daily meals served; up from 100-150

February 3, 2022  By Ground Water Canada

Iqaluit, Nunavut – The community’s ongoing water emergency has not only been an inconvenience to local residents, it has created other challenges. Iqaluit’s Qajuqturvik, a food centre that helps those in need of a meal, has seen a record number of people visit the facility since the contamination of the city’s water supply. The lack of potable water has challenged many residents who wish to cook healthy and safe meals, and they are turning in droves to the Qajuqturvik. The number of meals served at the centre has increased to about 250 each day during the emergency, from between 10o and 150 when local water was deemed safe. Nunatsiaq News report | READ MORE

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