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Month-long boil-water advisory lifted for flooded Hay River communities

Turbidity levels return to acceptable range

June 15, 2022  By Ground Water Canada

South Slave, N.W.T. – A boil-water advisory that had been in effect since May 12 following flooding of the Hay River has been lifted.

The flooding had impacted the community’s water treatment plant, causing higher-than-normal turbidity. Turbidity has since dropped to acceptable levels in water from the plant.

Residents of the Hay River, Kátł’odeeche First Nation, Enterprise and Kakisa communities are being reminded by the Department of Health and Social Services to flush their water supply by:

  • Running cold water faucets and drinking fountains for one minute before use
  • Flushing and cleaning water-using equipment for at least one minute
  • Changing point-of-use filters
  • Running water softeners through a regeneration cycle
  • Draining and refilling hot water heaters
  • Draining and cleaning water-holding tanks

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