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Most B.C. residents have serious water concerns: report

September 18, 2018  By Ground Water Canada

British Columbia – A majority of British Columbians are worried about water-related problems, according to a recently released online survey of 1,619 B.C. adult residents conducted by McAllister Opinion Research.

Sixty-nine per cent are concerned about water scarcity, two-thirds about flooding, 77 per cent about contaminated drinking water, and 85 per cent about pollution of BC’s rivers, lakes and streams.

More than half of British Columbians are concerned about a major water crisis in their community in the next few years or report already experiencing one.


If nothing is done to improve the management of water resources in BC, 87 per cent think it will be a somewhat or very serious problem in 10 years.

See full results from the 2018 BC Freshwater Public Opinion Insights Topline Report.

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