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New guidance issued on hydrogen sulfide

December 31, 2013  By Administrator

Dec. 31, 2013, Westerville, OH – The National Ground Water Association (NGWA) has issued a new best practices document on how to deal with problematic concentrations of hydrogen sulfide in residential water well systems.

Hydrogen sulfide is often responsible for the "rotten egg" odour sometimes present in well water. It is a nuisance for well owners due to its corrosive properties, which, even in low concentrations, may cause well and plumbing components to deteriorate.


However, the greatest health threat is to water well system professionals servicing wells who encounter hydrogen sulfide in confined spaces or very high concentrations.

The document will include:

· Health and safety information relating to hydrogen sulfide

· Guidance on the interaction of hydrogen sulfide with geologic and land-use conditions

· Methodologies for well construction and location

· Well function considerations

· Sampling and testing for hydrogen sulfide in ground water

· Mitigation of hydrogen sulfide in water well systems.

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