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New Products: Winter 2013

January 10, 2013  By Groundwater Magazine

Cost-effective water level datalogger


Cost-effective water level datalogger
The Levelogger Junior Edge from Solinst Canada provides a cost-effective option for water level and temperature datalogging. It uses the corrosion-resistant Hastelloy pressure sensor, which can withstand up to twice the over-pressure without sustaining permanent damage. The Levelogger Junior Edge features a memory capacity of 40,000 sets of water level and temperature datapoints, accuracy is 0.1 per cent FS, and the battery lasts up to five years.

Cotey releases educational catalogue
Cotey Chemical Corporation’s 36-page educational catalogue is now available. Besides featuring products, this booklet discusses solutions to common water well plugging and maintenance problems.


Cotey Chemical Corpor-ation’s goal is to educate the water well industry and to spread the gospel of water well rehabilitation and maintenance.

Well rehabilitation and maintenance is designed to keep wells running efficiently. It will extend the life of the well, reduce wear on the pump and reduce the cost of energy needed to run the pump.


Series 2000 console from Hammond Manufacturing
The Series 2000 console range from Hammond Manufacturing enables complex control desks to be created from standard parts. The system allows units to be stacked in multiple combinations to provide equipment support and display functions exactly where they are required.

Systems are available in four standard widths: 24 inches (60 centimetres), 36 inches (90 centimetres), 48 inches (120 centimetres) and 60 inches (180 centimetres). There are three primary components: the base unit, available with either single or dual access; the desk unit, with internal access via a lift-up sloping surface; and the turret unit, with angled front face and front/rear access.

A stand-alone console unit with an integral sloping top is also available. Once the basic structure has been designed, external options such as plinths, footrests or window doors can be added. A huge number of internal accessories, such as electrical mounting panels, 19-inch mounting rails, DIN mounting rails swing frames, cable entries, gas struts are available.

Mud unleashes the Raptor
Mud Technology debuted its new Raptor RS600 mud recycling system in 2012 and had one onsite at the NGWA expo. The new Raptor is in response to requests from drillers for a smaller more compact machine, says Dwayne Whitten, VP of operations for Mud Technology. The units at the show were skid mounted but the manufacturer will trailer mount as well. The Raptor has the same setup as its bigger counterparts when it comes to components but they are built to a smaller scale. The machine has a 600 gallon reservoir and is suitable for geothermal or water well drilling. The primary advantages of using a mud recycling system are time and money, says Whitten, because you increase the speed of your job and decrease the wear and tear on your equipment.


Transmitter displays and controls pH and ORP values
Sensorex’s TX-3000 pH/mV transmitter monitors changes in process fluids, displaying pH or oxidation reduction potential, and temperature for more accurate control in water, environmental and wastewater applications.

The line-powered TX-3000 can be user programmed on site to measure either pH or ORP (Redox). Its dual output design, with an isolated (0)4 – 20mA output for pH or ORP readings and one for temperature measurement, eliminates the need for a separate temperature transmitter. A large back-lit LCD screen displays both parameters simultaneously and two adjustable Hi/Lo relay contacts deliver results to automated process control systems.

With an extended pH measurement range of -2.00 to 16.00, the TX-3000 is suitable for a full range of applications. It can be easily programmed on site with its push-button interface. The unit can be password protected for secure installations.

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