Ground Water Canada

Newfoundland and Labrador to get municipal infrastructure upgrades

April 15, 2019
By Ground Water Canada

St. John’s, N.L. – Newfoundland and Labrador recently announced $129 million in funding for cost-sharing projects in several communities to improve water and wastewater systems, roads, and community-oriented infrastructure.

Budget 2019 will provide $50.5 million for provincial-municipal cost-shared projects under the 2017-2020 Municipal Infrastructure Program. Of this amount, $33.3 million is being provided to multi-year communities for their priority projects, said in a news release from Municipal Affairs and Environment. 

Funding for 31 new municipal capital works projects in 29 communities includes $300,000 for community wells for Lodge Bay and water and more than $1 million for sewer upgrading for Arnold’s Cove. See the news release and full list of proposed projects.


Also announced was $48.3 million to be used to take advantage of an additional $30.7 million in federal funds from federal infrastructure programs. In September 2018, the government announced a bilateral agreement through the federal Investing in Canada Plan. This is anticipated to amount to more than $1.3 billion in cost-shared projects and over 4,000 person years of employment. Project applications are going through the approval process and projects are anticipated to be announced in the near future.