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Hydrogeologist Cherry awarded Singapore prize | Fire lab ground water contamination prompts water scare (March 2016)Educating from the frontlines | BCGWA provides learning forum (March 2016)Millennials hungry for training | Ontario source water map online (February 2016)Aquifer storage and recovery | Water security a Canadian issue: UN (January 2016)MOECC reports on Ontario drinking water | Lentils take on arsenic poisoning in Calgary study (January 2016)Great Lakes report seeks input | Editor’s top 5 picks (December 2015)Ground water climate change study | Ceramics battle dirty water (December 2015)CAPM changes | Experts propose Canada Water Agency (December 2015)Dating ground water using tritium | National conference (November 2015)Ontario not charging full cost for water says environmental commissioner | Energy regulator orders water delivery to contaminated farm (November 2015)P.E.I. Water Act consultations begin | NRC plugs pesky B.C. well after trying for 50 years (October 2015)P.E.I. Water Act consultations begin | NRC plugs pesky B.C. well after trying for 50 years (October 2015)Sampling for bacteria | Impacts of N.B. dam project (September 2015)Hawkes Well Drilling featured | Contractors clean up ground water at Brantford, Ont., brownfield (September 2015)Manitoba invests in water protection | Memorial U to retest for lead (August 2015)B.C. seeks input on water policies | Cape Breton U to examine geothermal (August 2015)Drill-rig safety | B.C. underwater aquifer helps with sustainability (July 2015)P.E.I. invites input on Water Act | Geothermal could be big in Alberta (July 2015)Grappling with ground water | Grundfos and Nairobi, Kenya, partner on water projects (July 2015)OGWA conference | Larson’s Water Well Drilling profiled (June 2015)Policy experts tackle ground water issues | Truck King Challenge (June 2015)Speakers to tackle ground water financing | Bacteria may detect environmental damage (May 2015)Aardvark Drilling profile | Canadian charities help Nepal earthquake survivors with food, water, shelter (May 2015)Budget aims to support jobs and growth | Online tool helps ID geothermal potential (April 2015)Western Canada glacier study | NSGWA combines convention with AGM (April 2015)Water crisis, UN report warns | Geothermal for two Manitoba reserves (March 2015)Yukon geothermal investment | B.C. mining firm to build ground water treatment plant (March 2015)Ground water levels after flooding | Ont. MOECC to review wells reg (February 2015)B.C. ground water fees change | Alberta well water safety studied (February 2015)The climate connection | Well test accessibility (January 2015)Kevin Constable profiled | Study explores patterns of soot, dirt on snow (January 2015)Talking labour mobility | Toronto, Calgary housing markets slowing (December 2014)BCGWA convention set for Kelowna | Climate change not priority for fracking panel (December 2014)Sonic drilling pioneer to enter hall of fame | Study offers insights into climate change impact on ground water (November 2014)Annual events week highlights the trades | Annual events week highlights the trades (November 2014)Most Albertans favour fracking says study | Geothermal potential (October 2014)Blue-green algae bloom info | NGWA names new government affairs director (October 2014)Researchers study natural fertilizers | Safety: guard or kill switch? (September 2014)Researchers urge tackling water stress | Tetrault steps down as CAPM president (September 2014)Energy East Pipeline route report | Review of airpark ground water monitoring (August 2014)P.E.I. group to monitor pesticides | Farmers explore low-depth water detection (August 2014)Industry loses influential leader | Drinking-water guidelines criticized (July 2014)Sewage as drinking water | California well-drilling boom (July 2014)Abandoned water wells present risks, says NGWA | Fracking research (July 2014)Canadian scientists discover perennial spring | CanWell highlights (June 2014)Canada proposes potable water regs | Ottawa firm wins .5M monitoring deal (June 2014)New spam law a deal breaker | Free webinars on well construction (May 2014)B.C. replaces Water Act | Inexpensive chip warns of unsafe water (May 2014)Solar pumping tech used in Africa | Alberta residents concerned about well contamination (April 2014)P.E.I. deep-water well decision delayed | Atrazine debate (April 2014)One week to OGWA convention | N.B. study to examine shale gas and groundwater (March 2014)Countdown to OGWA convention | Franklin Electric ushers in new CEO (February 2014)2014-02-13 (February 2014)2014-01-30 (January 2014)OGWA to host 62nd convention | Positions differ on deep water wells (January 2014)Paradise Valley group seeks input on aquifer | Water-from-air device produces drinking water (January 2014)Highlights from the NGWA 2013 Expo | Freshwater found beneath seabed (December 2013)Water well study helping determine fracking effects | Mink farm approval draws ground water concerns (December 2013)Ontario helping rural areas safeguard drinking water | Water a pressing concern for Philippines typhoon survivors (November 2013)2013-11-07 (November 2013)2013-10-24 (October 2013)Purifics boosts water research at university | Nestle drops drought restriction appeal (October 2013)Grundfos Canada to host Walk for Water | Huge water supply discovered in Kenya (September 2013)Ottawa eliminating regional water boards in N.W.T | Environmental groups sue Canada over pesticide use (September 2013)2013-08-29 (August 2013)Professor links ground and surface water | Solinst to host fourth-annual symposium (August 2013)LPR plans to sue Ottawa over fracking ban | UNICEF invention turns sweat into water (August 2013)Albertans unaware of water talks | Petition demands Nestlé reduce pumping (July 2013)Satellite data hinted at Alberta flood | Policy paper suggests national water plan (July 2013)2013-06-20 (June 2013)2013-06-06 (June 2013)2013-05-23 (May 2013)Nova Scotia county bans fracking | AI-EES invests in water research projects (May 2013)Flood-stricken communities hope worst is over | Sonic Drill adds compact option (April 2013)P.E.I facing new water conservation rules | CGWA looking at receivership (April 2013)Drinkable water from a billboard | Red Deer to host AWWDA convention (March 2013)Charlottetown looks for leaks | Ground water study underway in Alberta (March 2013)Aberdeen adds ground water monitors | Tailings leaking into ground water (February 2013)Fire leaves town without water | Mining ground water could fuel climate change (February 2013)Ground water fate and climate change | OWA completes best practices guide (January 2013)Alberta seeks support for new water policy | WaterGroup streamlines operations (January 2013)Geothermal’s 12 big events of 2012 | Boshart acquires Flomatic Corporation (January 2013)NGWA reports successful expo | Summer drought means winter threat to fish (December 2012)Nanaimo to drill observation wells | Farmers and foodies halt mega-quarry (December 2012)Saskatchewan releases water security plan | Japan's ground water attracting attention (November 2012)Teck submits remediation plan | Quake unrelated to volcano fracking (November 2012)Earthquake linked to water extraction | Activist warns of water shortage (October 2012)Geo industry looks to the future | Cotey releases educational catalogue (October 2012)Time-saving techniques | Ground water supplied city's innovation plans (September 2012)Fracking leak contaminated ground water | 12 killed in war over water (September 2012)CEMA unveils ground water portal | U.S. report makes geothermal claims (August 2012)Overuse threatens ground water reserves | Heat, drought point to long-term climate issues (August 2012)Water security plan developed in Saskatchewan | Unique wetland threatened by development (August 2012)Disaster declared in 26 states | Residents evacuated after sewage seeps up (July 2012)Students design ground water purifier | Quebec government funding ground water study (July 2012)CGC calls on Ontario premier to suspend regulation | Well policy flows back to county council (June 2012)Saskatchewan water strategy | Report details geothermal potential and growth (June 2012)Manitoba changing water well legislation | Study finds ground water vulnerable (May 2012)Sable Island contamination studied | Students study ground water entering lake (May 2012)Water resource exists under Africa | Geothermal heat a viable option for Yellowknife (April 2012)OGWA names new executive director | Climate change linked to waterborne diseases (April 2012)Premiers encourage water conservation | Ground water mapping hits Times Square (March 2012)Alberta aims to educate public in fracking debate | Snapshot: CanWell 2012 (March 2012)Study: fracking fine for ground water | Hopedale's water emergency (March 2012)TVO gearing up for Canada Water Week | Drilling for ground water information in B.C. (February 2012)First Nations chiefs say still no water solution | When clean water is a luxury (February 2012)Commodity prices complicate aquifer protection | New approach to protect water (January 2012)GeoExchange a wealth of info | Forest thinning may curtail drop in ground water (January 2012)GeoExchange a wealth of info | Forest thinning may curtail drop in ground water (December 2011)Solinst announces symposium | UW to lead clean-water consortium (November 2011)

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