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Northwest Territories government responds to flooding

May 14, 2021  By Ground Water Canada

Northwest Territories – Premier Cochrane and top ministers met late yesterday evening to review the Government of the Northwest Territories  response to flooding in the Northwest Territories and to discuss next steps.

The Department of Municipal and Community affairs Emergency Management Organization continues to work collaboratively with impacted communities to provide on-the-ground support. The Department of Infrastructure and Northwest Territories Power Corporation continue to co-ordinate with the Territorial Emergency Organization, assess and evaluate buildings for electrical safety, offer alternative power solutions where they can and more.

Once it is safe to do so, the province will begin the process of assessing the damage to the residential areas as well as community infrastructure.


The province has sent aircrafts to support evacuations as well as supplies requested by Community Emergency organizations. As the flooding situation evolves, the province is also looking at options for how to manage donations that residents and organizations are looking to make. More information will be provided once details have been confirmed.

The Department of Infrastructure has dispatched teams to the region to begin clearing ice on the shore in preparation to launch ferry service into Fort Simpson in the coming days. The ferry will only become operational once the water levels drop to a safe level for the ferry to go into the water.

The province is also assessing the need for financial assistance for further support as it assesses community damage. This includes initial discussions with the federal government about how they can support the overall recovery efforts.

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