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Peristaltic pump ideal for water sampling

April 16, 2013  By administrator

410April 16, 2013 – Designed for rugged field use, Solinst says the
reversible flow peristaltic pump is ideal for water or vapour sampling
from shallow wells and surface water.

The metal case is compact and lightweight, water resistant, and easy to use in the field and easy to maintain and repair. The pump connects to a 12-volt power source to operate.

One easy-access control allows high or low-flow sampling. The pump can be fitted with two sizes of silicone tubing. Standard 5/8-inch tubing can give flow rates to almost 3.5 litres per minute, while optional 3/8-inch tubing allows rates as low as 40 millilitres per minute, ideal for low flow sampling. Pump tubing connects to smaller diameter down-hole tubing for high sample integrity. The pump is effective to depths up to the suction lift limit, as much as 33 feet at sea level.


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