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QED’s Snap Sampler combines accuracy and lower costs

May 24, 2018  By Ground Water Canada

The Snap Sampler system from QED Environmental Systems is designed to provide high sampling accuracy while reducing sampling program costs.

The system, which holds US Patent 7,178,415, recently won the National Ground Water Association’s Equipment Design Award for safety, efficiency and ease of operation. It employs a double-ended bottle design with “snap” sealing caps that captures a sample under in-situ conditions using a simple mechanical or pneumatic trigger at the surface. The integrity of the sample is maintained all the way through analysis at the laboratory without exposure to air or potential contaminants. Samples are representative of ground water chemistry using a simple passive sampling technique, eliminating well purging labor and purge water management.

QED, a subsidiary of Graco Inc., recently acquired the Snap Sampler passive ground water sampling technology from ProHydro.


“QED is pleased to be able to offer the Snap Sampler technology to our customers,” said David Kaminski, senior vice-president of QED and product manager for its line of ground water and soil sampling products. “The Snap Sampler provides the highest quality passive samples for the widest range of applications while saving valuable field time. It’s the best fit with our proven Well Wizard and Sample Pro low-flow sampling bladder pump systems that have been used by our customers for over 35 years.”

Sanford Britt, Sampler owner of ProHydro and inventor of the Snap technology, said, “I think that existing Snap Sampler customers will benefit greatly from QED’s wide range of solutions, resources and strong customer service reputation.” or

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