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Ray Roussy wins 2012 Technology Award from NGWA

October 2, 2012  By administrator

ray_roussy_webOct. 2, 2012, Westerville, Ohio – Ray Roussy, PE, president of Sonic
Drill Corp. and Sonic Drilling Ltd., has received the 2012 Technology
Award from the National Ground Water Association.

The award recognizes an individual’s major contributions to the ground water industry in the development of ideas, tools, and/or equipment. It will be presented in December at the NGWA Groundwater Expo and Annual Meeting in Las Vegas.

Roussy has 38 years of experience in the ground water industry, beginning in 1974 with attempts at adapting vibratory machinery for the drilling industry.


In 1974, Roussy joined the British company Hawker Siddeley as a junior engineer working in vibratory drilling machines. During a recession in the 1980s, when Hawker Siddeley dropped his program, Roussy struck out on his own.

Sonic drilling uses vibratory energy to advance the drill string. The energy produced by the drill head liquefies overburden and bedrock and pushes the material up and away.

Roussy built his first successful sonic drilling rig in his backyard 26 years ago, which is still in operation today. He is the patent holder of sonic drilling technology and geothermal loop installation using sonic drilling. Sonic Drill Corp. is Roussy’s manufacturing company, while Sonic Drilling Ltd. is his drilling company. Both are based in British Columbia, Canada.

Roussy’s interest in technology extends to flight. He is an accomplished pilot who owns and flies a 1946 Navion warbird aircraft.

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