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Real-time free chlorine measurement

May 17, 2013  By Administrator

image003chlorineMay 17, 2013, Garden Grove, CA – Sensorex’s FLC500 series free chlorine sensors use amperometric measurement technology designed to provide highly accurate monitoring of free chlorine in process application.

With three models covering the 0-2ppm, 0-5ppm and 0-10ppm ranges, FLC500 sensors are built for use in new installations or as a field replacement for existing sensors in drinking water disinfection and distribution applications, food beverage production, cooling water, and other industrial water treatment systems.

The device has an upgraded temperature correction curve for improved performance. Its membrane design features a mesh reinforcement clamp for increased stability and added durability.


The 4-20mA isolated signal output was created to eliminate ground loop errors, reduce noise and block high voltage transient surges.
For real-time free chlorine monitoring, the FLC500 series sensors interface with PLC, SCADA and other processes control systems via the 4-20mA output.

A large electrolyte reservoir with an easily replaced membrane cap and solution reduce maintenance intervals and maximize sensor life.

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