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Resource provides information and statistics about wasted water on global basis

January 6, 2022  By Ground Water Canada

Statistics revealing the environmental damage of water wastage worldwide can be found at this website, serving as an in-depth guide on global water waste. It is yet another useful resource as a groundwater educational tool. The guide covers a number of topics and provides statistical information that individuals and businesses need to consider, including:

• the impact of wastewater on the environment

• global water waste statistics with countries ranked and country-specific case studies


• the most common water-wasting habits in the U.K.

• the entire water process, including production, collection, treatment and reuse

• how individuals and families can reduce waste water

Among the insights that research has found:

• A single member of a U.K. household could use up to 149 litres of water every day

• Individuals in the U.S. use the most water at 373 litres, while people in Mexico use just 5.4 litres per person per day

• 29 per cent of Brits don’t reuse water when cooking or preparing food

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