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Sensorex UVT-LED monitor portable

September 3, 2015  By Administrator

The UVT-LED, distributed exclusively by Sensorex, is the first instrument of its kind to use highly efficient UV-C LED technology. The compact monitor is designed to deliver fast, accurate transmittance readings in the field, water treatment facilities or industrial settings.

The monitor was formerly known as the PearlSense T254.

Transmittance measurement with the UVT-LED is designed for proper UV dosing and efficient operation. Its compact design uses mercury-free UV-C LED bulbs, and the unit works as either a handheld portable meter or an in-process instrument. The LED light source is ready for instant operation with zero warm-up time. It is capable of battery- and solar-powered operation, and is designed for long lamp life with little maintenance and low operating costs.


With a clear backlit LED display, the UVT-LED takes automatic measurements every 60 seconds. Integrated wiping prevents fouling and buildup in all water conditions, and a self-calibration check helps ensure continual accuracy. The handheld model comes with battery power and convenient carrying case for use in the field and lab. The continuous model for in-process use runs on 24 VDC power, and can be used in an open-channel configuration or directly in a pressurized pipe. Its small size makes it suitable for retrofit installations.

UV transmittance values are used to track changes in water quality and detect the presence of organic compounds and other issues.

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