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Soil and membrane technology courses offered at U of Ottawa

October 21, 2015  By Ground Water Canada

Ottawa – The University of Ottawa is offering a couple of two-day courses in December focusing on geotechnical engineering and design and membrane separation technology.

“An Overview of Geotechnical Engineering and Design,” to be held from Dec. 14-15, is designed to give participants a working understanding of soil behaviour under various loading and environmental conditions.

“It will provide an opportunity to understand basic concepts of geotechnical engineering used in a variety of applications so that participants can gain confidence in dealing with subsoil related problems that they encounter on engineering projects,” the International Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology said in a news release.


The course will focus on both fundamental concepts of soil mechanics as well as applications of those concepts in the design of geotechnical structures such as foundations, embankments, excavations, and retaining walls. All key concepts and applications will be explained and emphasis will be placed on the practical application of the information provided.

Those interested may register at

“Membrane Separation Technology,” to be held Dec. 17-18, is an introduction to the diverse and rapidly growing field this technology.

“Membranes have gained an important place in chemical technology and are used in a broad range of applications. They offer energy-efficient and cost-effective solutions in as diverse applications as water desalination, purification of natural gas, ultrafiltration of dairy products, artificial kidneys, and controlled release pharmaceuticals,” the International Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology said.

This course provides a compact, intensive, hands-on introduction with assignments and activities to membrane science and technology. Participants will get familiar with principles of membrane technology and engineering aspects of membrane separation processes, including gas permeation, pervaporation, reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration, microfiltration, and dialysis. Special emphases will be given to mechanisms of transport in membranes, and design and modelling of membrane processes. Current trends and future directions of membrane technology will be presented.

Those interested may register at

For both courses, the International Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology will provide a certificate to verify completion.

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