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Solinst Canada launches LevelSender telemetry

November 17, 2016  By Administrator

Solinst Canada has launched its LevelSender telemetry system as a simple and inexpensive means to collect water level data from remote Leveloggers.

The LevelSender uses wireless cellular communication to send Levelogger data from the field, to email, as a text message and to a dynamic database on a user’s home station computer, Solinst said in a press release. Users have complete control of their data and can receive it in different ways.

Users can easily upgrade existing Levelogger installations by adding LevelSender telemetry, which the company says is compact, and designed to fit discreetly inside a two-inch well. A Levelogger and Barologger can be connected to each LevelSender using existing Direct Read Cables.


The device has low power needs; it uses three 1.5V AA replaceable lithium batteries. With each remote data report, the battery level remaining and LevelSender and Levelogger status are also sent for remote monitoring purposes.

The LevelSender Software features an easy-to-follow “wizard” to set up data collection schedule and data recipients. Compatible software can also be used to perform diagnostics and firmware upgrades.

Telemetry saves contractors time and money by reducing the number of trips to the field, the company says.

The LevelSender is dedicated for use with Solinst Leveloggers, which are suitable for remote monitoring; they have long battery life, power surge protection, a non-volatile memory, and low maintenance needs. If programmed separately, dataloggers record regardless of the status of the LevelSender.

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