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Solinst launches robust redesigned Levelogger 5

September 1, 2020  By Ground Water Canada

Solinst Canada has released its Levelogger 5 features a more robust design that provides extra protection in harsh monitoring environments.

The new Levelogger 5 has double-sealed housing construction using high-grade 316 stainless steel. Its PFAS-free, corrosion-resistant polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) coating, inside and out, provides extra protection in harsh monitoring environments, Solinst Canada Ltd. said in a press release.

A redesigned, single-lens optical interface offers improved datalogger connectivity with communication accessories and intuitive Solinst Levelogger software. An increased memory capacity of 150,000 sets of water level and temperature readings allows for longer, uninterrupted monitoring applications and higher resolution data with more frequent readings.


New tools for convenient in-field communication, including the Field Reader 5, are backwards compatible with previous generation Leveloggers simply by using an adaptor. An adaptor is also available for Levelogger 5 dataloggers to work with existing accessories such as direct read cables.

The Levelogger 5 series of dataloggers also includes the Barologger 5 for recording barometric data required for absolute water level data compensation; the Levelogger 5 Junior that provides a simple, cost-effective datalogging option; the Levelogger 5 LTC for recording water levels, temperature and conductivity; and the Rainlogger 5 rainfall datalogger. In addition, the Solinst LevelVent 5 and AquaVent 5 vented water level dataloggers are revamped.

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