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STS Edge telemetry system has alarm capabilities

April 9, 2018  By Ground Water Canada

The Solinst STS Edge Telemetry System lets users monitor high- or low-level water conditions with alarm notification capabilities.

The STS Edge sends water level, temperature and conductivity data from remote Solinst dataloggers to your home computer.

The new design features hardware upgrades, including a globally compatible GSM modem. The STS Edge connects up to four dataloggers, including the Levelogger Series and AquaVent.


System setup is simple using intuitive Solinst Telemetry Software. The STS Edge allows full ownership of your data. Reported data is placed in a dynamically updated database on the Home Station computer, with the option to upload online. Solinst Telemetry Software can also be used for a quick check of the latest readings and to view barometrically compensated remote water level data.

In addition to data, updates are sent to alert of battery level and system status. Two-way communication allows you to remotely send changes to the STS Edge data collection and reporting schedule.

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