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Synthetic oil for compressors is biodegradable

May 17, 2019  By Ground Water Canada

Biotope-Air is a completely synthetic, biodegradable compressor oil designed for high-performance applications on rotary, screw and piston compressors.

The high temperatures of operation (121 to 260 C, or 250 to 500 F) require drain intervals of mineral oil in the region of 500 to 1,000 hours. Use of Biotope-Air increases drain intervals by up to 8,000 hours. The oil contributes to long-life discharge valves in reciprocating compressors.

In rotary applications, Biotope-Air provides superior thermal and oxidative stability over a wide range of temperatures. Biotope-Air improves water tolerance and protection against corrosion. It is effective in rotary compressors that have oil injection cooling with final high-compression temperatures. Biotope-Air is effective against varnish. Its hydrolytic resistance prevents its alteration, which is especially important in humid environments.


In piston compressor applications, it is used where there is high discharge temperature. Biotope-Air has low volatility and low carbon-forming tendencies, which result in cleaner compressor operating conditions. Biotope-Air is compatible with elastomers and coatings found in older compressors designed for use with mineral oil.

Features include superior oxidation resistance to extend oil life to up to 8,000 hours; thermal stability to prevent varnish deposits and enable a longer oil life; and a high viscosity index that makes for better lubrication at low and high temperatures, and low vapour pressure, which means less oil carryover and consumption.

A higher flashpoint and auto-ignition temperature increase operating safety.

Biotope-Air is manufactured by Lubri-Lab and available through Nord Est Equipments in 20-, 55- and 20-litre containers. or

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