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Tank3D water tank design tool from Tnemec

August 15, 2011  By Administrator

August 15, 2011, Kansas City, MO – Tnemec's new interactive tool allows users to customize elevated and ground potable water storage tanks with a wide palette of colours, graphics, text and logos.

In addition to its colour selection and graphic functionality, Tnemec Tank3D offers users the ability to zoom and pan around their customized tank, as well as view a pre-programmed "fly-by" that shows the tank from different perspectives. Printer-friendly PDFs and colour swatches are also available using the new technology.

"With Tnemec's Tank3D, it is possible to visualize how a water tank will appear using variable design elements and Tnemec coatings," explained Doug Hansen, director of Tnemec's water tank market group. "Using this technology, more than 100 colour options and countless graphic enhancements can be explored in minutes rather than hours or days."


The Tank3D program operates on all web browsers, including Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Chrome, and is both Mac and PC compatible.

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