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Total organic carbon water analyzer launched for fast and reliable online water monitoring

September 7, 2021  By Ground Water Canada

Frankfurt, Germany – LAR Process Analysers AG, a Process Insights brand, has launched its latest, most enhanced Total Organic Carbon analyser for industrial water applications.

The quick response QuickTOCuv II is a measuring device for continuous online determination of total carbon (TC), total organic carbon (TOC), biochemical oxygen demand (BOD), and chemical oxygen demand (COD) in pure water – for example in condensate return and boiler feed water.

This proven continuous TOC monitoring system is used to detect product spills and leakages, as well as for process control and optimization in various industries including pure water, boiler water feed water, condensate return, drinking, surface and wastewater.


With continuous determination of TOC and TC, and an automatic system check, the QuickTOCuv provides high levels of safety, with low maintenance and operational costs, and easy-to-use operation.  Process safety is ensured through continuous TOC monitoring.

The parameters are determined using the UV persulphate method, whereby carbons are oxidized to CO2 using a digestion reagent (sodium persulphate) and UV light. The produced CO2 is then measured by an NDIR detector and the carbon content is quantified. The response time is less than six minutes and allows operators to take any necessary countermeasures in case of pollution.

Two sample streams can be monitored by the QuickTOCuv II.  The clear, compact measuring system complies with common safety standards and has been designed to be particularly maintenance- and user-friendly. The method used is suitable for particle-free process water and for monitoring drinking and surface water.

Founded in 1986, LAR, based in Frankfurt, Germany, designs and manufactures high quality online water analyzers that address the measurement challenges in a wide variety of industries and applications. Process Insights delivers leading solutions for the process, automation, and research industries around the world.



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