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Useful links to ground water educational tools

March 10, 2016  By Colleen Cross

Simcoe, Ont. – The National Ground Water Association provides a wealth of educational material to help contractors and well owners keep on top of best practices. Here we share a few useful links to educational tools and videos from the association and other ground water related organizations.

Water covers nearly three-quarters of the earth’s surface, the NGWA notes on its National Ground Water Awareness Week website. It is mainly in oceans but is also found as rivers, lakes, snow and glaciers. Freshwater lakes and rivers, ice and snow, and ground water hold only 2.5 per cent of the world’s water, which most of it (about 70 per cent) comes from glaciers and permanent snow cover. Of the total world’s freshwater supply, 30 per cent is ground water, including soil moisture, wetland and permafrost. By comparison, saltwater oceans and seas contain 97.5 per cent of the world’s water supply.

Ground water myths:


•          Ground water moves rapidly.

•          Ground water migrates thousands of miles.

•          There is no relationship between ground water and surface water.

•          Ground water removed from the earth is never returned.

•          Ground water is mysterious and occult.

•          Ground water is not a significant source of water supply.

Source: National Ground Water Association

Health Canada: What’s in your well?

Well Aware (Ontario)

Global Water Waste

NGWA ground water facts

Tip sheet

Annual checkup

Finished well checklist

Well Owner Maintenance Practices

Selected Contaminants of Concern

Reasons to Test Your Water

Selected contaminants of concern

Asbestos in water supply

Water well disinfection

Water: Use It Wisely

The Private Well Class instructional videos

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