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Versatile dipper-Tag works with third-party accessories

March 29, 2016  By Administrator

Heron Instruments has added to its product line the dipper-Tag tag line, a multi-purpose unit designed for use when installing or monitoring wells.

The 316 grade s/s weight that comes with the dipper-Tag can be used for measuring depth to the bottom of a well, or depth to the top of a bentonite layer or backfill sand, Heron Instruments said in a press release.

The spring release clip allows the user to exchange the weight to other available accessories such as the company’s s/s ploppers for measuring static water levels acoustically or dipperLogs to measure water levels and temperature for short-term analysis. The dipper-Tag can also be used with third-party accessories, for example, bailers for water sampling.


The unit is available in one tape length only, 150 metres (500 feet), a strategy designed to keep it cost effective, the company said.

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