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Video: storing water underground

December 15, 2017  By CSIRO

This short video describes the concept of managed aquifer storage. CSIRO

Dec. 15, 2017, Australia – Australian research organization CSIRO has created a short video describing managed aquifer recharge, the concept of humans storing water underground.

According to CSIRO, “When the rivers of northern Australia are raging torrents and the floodplains are full and lush during the big wet, it seems obvious to store some water for use when the dry season inevitably arrives.

“An option that warrants further investigation is to store the water underground – not only can it eliminate evaporation and provide long-term storage, it can also replenish groundwater supply, prevent seawater from intruding, and protect ecosystems that depend on groundwater for their very survival. There are various techniques for storing water underground for use later.” 


For more information about managed aquifer storage (MAR) visit the CSIRO website.

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