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Water treatment market in Canada worth $2.51B, CWQA survey suggests

September 14, 2017  By Ground Water Canada

Toronto – A Canadian Water Quality Association survey of water treatment technicians, well drillers, pump mechanics, plumbers, environmental engineers, professional trades educators and other professionals suggests the water treatment market is valuable and plenty of potential for those looking to enter it.

Water treatment continues to be a voluntary trade, the CWQA said in a notice on its website, allowing and has, for better or worse, a low barrier to entry into the market. The market or sector is unregulated yet inherently and critically tied to the health, well being and effective function of communities, institutions and physical infrastructure, the association said.

The quick survey asked members about the age of their business; annual revenue; number of employees and customer types.


Based on revenues reported in the survey CWQA estimates its membership alone to represent about $561 million of a $2.51 billion Canada-wide market. While the bulk of businesses fall under $250,000 for annual revenue (dealer/retailer type) the report also shows many with revenues in millions and tens of millions as well. The highest amount reported by a single member organization is $100 million.

Read the full results of the survey.

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