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Wawa’s drinking water remains safe in spite of spike in chlorine levels; taste and smell may be off

Water treatment plant incident led to advisory

April 6, 2022  By Ground Water Canada

Wawa, Ont. – The community’s drinking water may taste or smell differently – following a recent incident at the municipality’s water treatment plant – but a health hazard doesn’t exist, Algoma Public Health says.

The incident triggered an elevation in chlorine levels throughout the system. Efforts are underway to reduce chlorine levels to mitigate smell and taste issues.

The health agency confirms water is still safe for consumption and for bathing.


Residents wanting to remove chlorine from their drinking water can fill a jug in the morning and let is sit in the open air or in a refrigerator, allowing the chlorine to evaporate. Water can also be boiled and left to cool to help with chlorine evaporation, or it can be poured from a container with an activated charcoal filter, such as a Brita container.

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