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Yukon receives federal infrastructure funding

May 7, 2018  By Ground Water Canada

Ottawa – The governments of Canada and Yukon are investing more than $594 million over the next decade in shared funding for infrastructure projects under the Investing in Canada plan.

The federal government is providing a total of over $445 million, up to 75 per cent of eligible expenditures. The projects supported through this agreement will be cost-shared with the territorial government, municipalities, First Nations and other partners, according to a news release by Infrastructure Canada. This higher cost share takes into consideration the unique challenges faced by the territories. Indigenous recipients can use additional federal funding from other sources to a maximum federal contribution of 100 per cent on projects, the release said.

Among the funding is $207,065,850 to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions; increased access to potable water; increased capacity to reduce or remediate soil and air pollutants; increased capacity to treat and manage wastewater and storm water; increased structural and natural capacity to adapt to climate change impacts, natural disasters and extreme weather events.

The territorial government, municipalities, First Nations and other partners will contribute $69,021,950 in funding.


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