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Post-wildfire well testing kits in Nova Scotia won't detect hydrocarbons presence

Province suggests options if hydrocarbon contamination suspected

Miramichi, N.B. wins 'Best of the Best Water Taste' competition at AWWA conference

Toronto is host city for international conference and exposition

Sarnia Rotarians spearheading project allowing Kenyan village to access clean water

Project will give 3,000 villagers access to clean drinking water

Thousands of water professionals flock to Toronto to learn about the future of water

Toronto host site for American Water Works Association's annual conference and exposition

Canada's wildfires are contributing to the world's ongoing water crisis: UN

Seventy-five per cent of earth's natural disasters related to water

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NEW Geoprobe® 3145GT Engineered to Punch Out Power and Pipe Line Projects

Quickly traverse long stretches of tough terrain on jobs requiring low-ground penetration like pipe line, power line, or wind farm projects using the NEW 3145GT geotechnical drill rig.
  • Effectively compete in multiple revenue streams. Mobilize a single rig with versatility to perform HSA, SPT, CPT, DPT, rock coring, mud rotary, air rotary, and drive and wash.
  • Trim time between applications. Centerline head side shift algins all head functions, winches over bore hole without moving drill mast while taller standard winch pulls 20-foot tool string with attached split spoon above the breakout.
  • Increase operator safety. Simple controls with hands-free rotation, head feed, and auto drop hammer reduces strain and keeps operator out of harms’ way while creating a gentle learning curve for seasoned driller as well as new hire.
  • Enhance off-road capability. Crawler carrier creates an agile drill rig capable of traveling from hole-to-hole at 6 mph with creature comforts of heat, AC, and radio in enclosed operator cabin.
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Vast amount of groundwater moved around has affected earth's spin: scientists

Earth has tilted about 80 centimetres from 1993 to 2010 » Read More...

Nominate a deserving someone for our inaugural Distinguished Driller Award

Nominations will close July 15 »