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Hydrotech introduces coconut shell carbon product

June 22, 2011  By Administrator

June 22, 2011, Regina, SK;Cambridge,
ON; Fridley MN – Hydrotech,
a division of WaterGroup, launched Jacobi carbon, a
coconut-based carbon used in water filtration.


Coal-based carbon prices
have risen significantly in recent years because of the enforced tariffs and
the increased demand in China. As a result, Coconut-based carbon is rising in
popularity due to its cost saving benefits. Hydrotech’s Jacobi carbon product
is a green alternative for many water treatment applications and, in many
cases, performs equal to or better than coal products, says the company in a news release.

Gupta, senior product engineer at WaterGroup, says “A major concern with
coconut-based carbon has been the natural presence of arsenic.  To
consistently ensure high quality results, we have every Jacobi carbon batch
tested to California standards, which are the most stringent standard in North

Hydrotech says these are the various benefits a
company can experience when using coconut-based carbon products:

  • Improved
    performance – Coconut shell is the preferred carbon for high performance
    water treatment applications due to the high level of micropores with the
    highest performance/cost alternative
  • Better
    trace organic removal efficiency
  • Enhanced
    dechlorination and dechloramination resulting in better taste and
    odor removal with coconut
  • Superior
    Chloramine removal than coal-based carbon
  • Less
    backwashing required and a higher resistance to abrasion during the
    backwashing process
  • Savings
    of more than 5 per cent and up to 40 per cent versus the current coal-based products
  • It is a
    sustainable resource


Gupta also states: “When
tannins or other organic matter are present we recommend coal-based products,
but we find that over 80 per cent of our typical carbon applications are simply to
reduce the chlorine levels in the water.  For all of these applications,
coconut shell-based carbon is the best choice.”

Hydrotech is currently
using Jacobi carbon in all of their units to help save customers money.


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