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In-Situ introduces new Rugged Water Level Tapes and Meters

June 24, 2011  By Administrator

in-situ_tape_application_verticalJune 24, 2011, Fort Collins, CO – In-Situ
Rugged Water Level Tapes and Meters are designed to improve accuracy and stand
up to rough field conditions.


In-Situ says it’s now offering economical
and engineer-grade water level tapes, intrinsically safe oil/water interface
meters, and multi-purpose conductivity/level/temperature meters. These tapes
are used to take depth-to-water measurements, to measure the thickness of
hydrocarbon product layers, and to profile conductivity and temperature.

Easy-to-use tapes and meters offer several
advantages over other water level tapes, the company outlines in a news release:

  • Superior
    tape construction improves accuracy and durability. From high-tensile
    steel tapes to Kevlar®-reinforced polyethylene tapes, users will find that
    these tapes resist stretching even under heavy loads. This design feature
    improves measurement accuracy and extends tape life. To ensure the most
    accurate readings, ground water professionals use ASME-compliant (EU Class
    II) tapes made of high-tensile steel and marked in meters by mm or in feet
    by 0.01 foot.


  • Rugged
    reels stand up to field use. Durable flanges are constructed of impact-
    and UV-resistant nylon. Reels don’t become brittle and break in cold
    weather. Polyurethane-coated steel frame and stainless steel axle increase
    longevity. The reel includes a user-removable electronics module that is
    easy to clean, repair, or replace. A built-in hanger hook, tape guide, and
    reel lock hold tape in place for hands-free use and protect tape from well
    casing damage.


  • Submersible,
    stainless steel and Teflon®-coated probes resist buildup of contaminants
    and dirt. The probe is pressure tested to the full length of the tape. If
    a probe becomes trapped in a well, a sacrificial security link releases
    the replaceable probe, which prevents tape damage and preserves tape
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