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New electromagnetic flowmeter for installation on small pipes

April 27, 2011  By Administrator

April 27, 2011 – Designed to deliver highly accurate bi-directional
measurement for water distribution and raw water pipelines, Hydreka offers the
new HydrINS 2 Mini electromagnetic insertion flowmeter.

The product’s compact size allows installation on small
pipes, providing water monitoring in applications previously considered


Designed from Hydreka’s HydrINS 2, the HydrINS 2 Mini
features a reduced sensor diameter for increased measurement efficiency. The
meter fits pipe sizes from 80 mm to 300 mm, and offers accurate measurement on
low velocities (+/ – 2% at 2 cm/s). HydrINS 2 Mini uses a ¾” “hot tap” for
installation under pressure without interrupting the flow.

HydrINS 2 Mini is available with an optional display,
compatible with many SCADA systems. The instrument uses Winfluid software (PC
or PDA platform) for programming, data retrieval and processing. In case of
flow disturbances, Winfluid includes a velocity profiling tool to calculate the
real profile factor of the flow. Both the probe and display are watertight,
rated to IP68. Depending on the settings, battery life can last up to 10 years.

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